Local Artists and Architect create unique donor recognition


In a unique collaborative effort, one of the design architects and painter, teamed with two cut glass artists to create a unique and stunning work of art. The Donor Garden Gallery was created in recognition of donors for the construction of the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan's Hunger Solution Center. Donors were represented by a fruit or vegetable, recognizing the level of giving. The mural contains representations of radishes, green onions, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, apples, cucumbers, melons, watermelons and pumpkins depicted in artists paint and cut glass. The mural is over 60' long and 8' high. It is located near the entry of the Hunger Solution Center and greets guests who gather outside the Community Room. The design was originated by the architects then defined and refined by the artists, the Food Bank staff, and board members.



The mural for the Donor Garden Gallery was given an AIA Flint Chapter 2015 Special Recognition award for Interior Architecture!


The mural consists of seven separate large panels. The panels consist of six smaller individual panels which were assembled on site after spending time with three individuals artists at their own studios. The installation was a group effort of the artists and volunteers.

Once the panels were installed, missing pieces and paint touch up brought the mural to life creating one of the most unique donor recognition pieces.

Mural artists, left to right, Architect/painter, Sheri Ananich with Cut glass artists Virginia Stevens and Amy Sutkowi.