Restoring a local favorite.

When searching for a new location for their bee farm, a mid-Michigan couple found an old Flint area orchard and barn collection that had been left abandoned. Wolcott Orchard Cider Mill and farm had long been a favorite stop-by for local residents looking for fresh apple cider, donuts, and apple pies. Though left in disrepair, our determined apiarists bought the farm (so to speak) and set about restoring the community icon. Seeking consultation, they contacted H2A Architects to help them evaluate the building and grounds and help them master plan for future use the facility.


Fortunately, most all of the original apple cider processing equipment was still in the barns including press, sorters, and storage tank. Long term plans are to restore and make this cider mill equipment operational again . 

First things first. Get that roof fixed!

First things first. Get that roof fixed!

The first thing the new owners noticed was how bad the existing roof was. Fixing a buildings roof is one of the single best things you can do for your building. Without a good roof, water damage will spread quickly. It will also provide a pathway for unwanted inhabitants. H2A devised a plan to make roof repairs, rework drainage, and replace the existing asphalt shingles with a new metal roof.

With the Phase One roof replacement complete, master planning can continue to restore the orchard, bring in the bee hives, restore the apple processing equipment, and redesign the interior spaces for retail and events.

Some traditions just have to be continued.