Founded by architects with a passion for creativity, artistry, design, sustainability, and historic preservation 


Creativity comes in many forms. Whether it's finding the right construction detail or researching the building code to find the best compliance solution, we will work hard, using all of our skills, to make sure all options are considered to create the environment our clients are seeking. 


Woman Owned Small Business

H2A Architects, Inc. is a federally certified Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB). This makes H2A a perfect partner for federally funded projects. In addition to the EDWOSB status, we bring years of government and municipal experience having worked with the USPS, the State of Michigan, several Michigan counties, townships, and cities. We have also worked with various state and federal funding agencies.

Deeper Dive

Carrying additional certifications such as Certified Historic Preservation architect, Licensed Building Inspector, LEED Accredited Professionals, and NCARB the team at H2A provides enhanced knowledge in the field of Architecture. Our constant desire to learn more and understand our projects better leads us to seek additional knowledge through our own research, specialized training, and seminars. We also serve as teachers, lecturers, and volunteers within our community, gaining knowledge from these experiences that can be brought back into our work.

An Artist's Approach

While we consider the technical side of the business extremely important, what really brought us into the field of architecture was the appreciation of the artistry of the profession. Inspired by great architects, including our former mentors, we take the artists approach to design, considering each project a unique opportunity to expand the potential beyond what is expected. Each partner also seeks their own artistic opportunities. Whether painting, drawing, writing, photography, or constructing, we carry our design passion beyond outside the office. 


Just in case you were wondering about it, we are an H and 2 As. One Hoist and Two Ananichs (or Ananiches). Sure, there were a lot of other combinations but that was the one we liked the best. The logo is a bit retro, but it harkens back to our roots as young architects, when our first firm was on the Mod side of things with bell bottoms, side burns, and the whole thing!


Iconography and credentials

Jackie Hoist, AIA
Partner, Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Michigan, 1986

Master of Architecture, University of Michigan, 1988

Registered Architect - Michigan, 1991

ICC Certified Building Inspector, 1993

Historic Architect 36CFR61, 2008

Sheri Ananich, AIA
Partner, Operations

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Texas, 1987

Master of Architecture, University of Michigan, 1989

Registered Architect - Michigan, 1991

LEED AP, 2006

George Ananich, AIA
Partner, Design

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Michigan, 1984

Bachelor of Architecture, Lawrence Technology University, 1988

Architect -Michigan, 1991

Architect - South Carolina, 2015

Architect- Florida, 2017, not active

NCARB, 2003

LEED AP, 2008


Associates & Staff

Aaron Wawrzyniak
Intern Architect, Designer

Bailey Birnie
Architectural Designer

John Noteware
Construction Administration